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We are At the Table Community Development Inc.

A non-profit organization, driven by a single goal; to offer unique relational and academic educational experiences to underserved youth and families, by providing best practices and sharing tactical knowledge for qualitative success.

We accomplish this goal with the help of specifically designed S.E.E. (Spiritual, Economical, and Educational) tools that are crafted with underserved youth and families in mind. 

We are committed to achieving this goal by supporting our communities:

1. Spiritually -promoting positivity with consistent service and love.

2. Economically -preparing families for sustainable living with financial planning programs.

3. Educationally -providing the life-success framework with intentional and family-focused relational and academic programs. 

Our decision-making process is guided by comprehensive empirical studies and high-quality data evaluation. We strive to build productive relationships and make a sustainable impact in all of our pursuits.

We are thrilled to have you browse through our page and excited to offer you a set at our table.

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