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The Maijor Way

A charitable foundation helping people and pets without homes one Bonded-Love Box at a time!

What is The Maijor Way?


Hi, I'm Maijor and for my tenth birthday, I decided to give back instead of getting presents this year. So, I started The Maijor Way. It is a foundation that helps people and their pets that don't have a home.

In 2021, my parents rescued a kitten. His name is Havarti. When Covid came and we had to stay inside a lot, sometimes I felt scared and lonely. I had my parents and my sister, and I talked to my friends online, but Havarti helped my heart in a big way. Loving and taking care of him made my heart feel better and it helped me think about someone besides myself…but the "taking care of" part was a lot of work.


So, now when I see people and their pets living on the street, I think about how much harder it must be for them. I know what you are probably thinking, “A pet is just another mouth to feed, so just get rid of it, and maybe that will make things a little easier.” But, maybe that is because you’ve never had or loved a pet. They are much more than playmates, they are a part of the family. For people living on the street, that pet may be all the family they have, and that bond means everything.


The Maijor Way understands that bond and wants to give back in a big way! First, we will collect donations and supplies like water, food, clothes, treats, and things needed to survive. We will also think about pets who may get sick by giving to local animal shelters that provide free medical attention to animals on the street. Finally, we will put together Bonded Love Boxes filled with all the extras they may need to live, play, and love. By myself, I can only do a little, but if you join me I can help in a major way! Won't you join me?


(770) 674-2939

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