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Taking an introspective look into Today's Man

Backdrop: As a young man growing up in the inner city of Pittsburgh, PA I was faced with many hardships that unfortunately are a common story for African American boys. My mother was tasked with raising four of us alone and had done the best she knew how to. Growing up, I never knew what my place in this world was and too often I was confused and frightened about living every day because there were no examples of men who had it together. More importantly, there were no men to teach me what being a man was all about. Needless to say, there were many lessons learned on this path of manhood, and as I reached and became one I recognized that during my process there were expectations of me due to the fact that I'm a man that I was never taught. One specific expectation was the correlation between men and women.

Challenge: (Bi-monthly changes as the group transitions.) March-May focus: Living your truth when they say you're wrong.

Resolve: To create a platform where men can be heard, needs can be addressed, and tools can be provided to help to change the narrative on how we are portrayed in today's climate. 

Impact: Still building...Stay tuned!

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