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Our Menu of Services

Academic Services

Academic Tutoring  is offered year-round. Each session is tailored to the student's needs and led by a certified educator. During the school year, students can participate in our 9-week instructional sessions. Each session is uniquely designed to help students keep up with the content flow of class or speed past the learning curve. In the summer, ATTCD provides tutoring services in group and individual settings to help students keep the learning going while having fun in the sun. 


PUSH PLAY Project  is an innovative project that pushes play into the classroom to encourage intrinsic motivation, academic achievement, and positive social/emotional development. 

Push Play integrates play and literacy development by commissioning students to craft their own play experiences based on their current practiced ELA standard. We don’t tell them how to play, or what to play, as we have learned that play should be “freely chosen and intrinsically motivated,” instead we provide the opportunities for children to take ownership of their education in a fun and engaging way.


Social Literacy Solution is a program created to support literacy development using key elements of the Social Learning Theory.

{Social Learning Theory: A theory of learning which proposes that children learn best by modeling, observing, collaborating and imitating others.}

Social Literacy Solution is an innovative and individualized literacy skill-building program for students in grades K-5. SLS is unique because it pairs children who are grade-level literacy experts with those students working to improve according to the five components of literacy development. The impact of intentional instruction, mixed with individual skills development, and surrounded by peer support and participation is extraordinary and paramount to academic achievement.

Relational Services

Discussions at the Table is our leading service platform focused on the rebuilding of today's man. Designed as a men's series dedicated to preserving the roles of men in modern-day society, Discussions gives men opportunities to network and exchange ideas, discuss their relevance, and promote fundamental male values within the family and community. Following quarterly discussion panels, the organization helps to place resources and opportunities for black men and women in the community where they are needed.

Additional details regarding discussion panels dates and times to follow...

R.E.L.A.T.E.S. is a relational education program focused on the sustainability of the black family! This relational group is like no other. We meet monthly to fellowship and share the smooths and roughs of marriage and relationships. Click the heading to learn more and join us in our next session. 

Community Resource

In an effort to position itself as a strong presence in communities, ATTCD offers an assortment of community outreach programs. 

  • School Supply Drives (2x/academic year)

  • Housing Resources

  • Supplies for Those in Need (clothing, food, medical, toiletries, etc...)

  • Toy Drive

  • Tutoring Sessions

  • Relational Support

The programs were created to promote the organization's mission to improve the quality of life in the low to moderate-income areas in Metro Atlanta. ATTCD is duty-bound to achieve this goal by strengthening our neighborhoods both educationally and economically through innovative academic pursuits, housing rehabilitation, and community-focused human services.

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