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(Relationship Education and Learning Affirms Transformative and Enormous Success)

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Should married couples have single friends? Can singles give effective relationship advice? Are strictly platonic relationships between men and women really a thing? Is marriage worth it? Is dating safe? What "mistakes" are ok to forgive? How many times should I take him/her back? What things should one look forward to with marriage? How's it going?...

Have you ever discussed the answers to these questions? Have you ever wondered what the responses would sound like coming from those to whom the question is focused? Well, you're at the right place. Curious minds and dedicated hearts are welcomed as we tackle relationship challenges and celebrate successes. Focused on the sustainability of black families, this relational group is like no other. Each session houses a Certified Relationship Educator to help guide the flow of the conversation and provide useful tools for ongoing success. We meet monthly to fellowship and share the smooths and roughs of marriage and relationships, and we would love to have you join the sessions.

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