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Since our inception on May 4, 2018, we have served more than 1,400 children and families in and around the Metro Atlanta Region, 1 Title-1 Elementary School in East Point, and 3 Public High Schools in Fulton County. In April of 2020, we donated supply boxes containing toiletries, food, hygiene products, and gift cards to 30 devastated families at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We seek to serve more as this disaster spreads. Our partnerships with other organizations have moved us incredibly, and we will continue to extend our mission and advance our vision forward. There is so much more in store for ATTCD, and we would love to include you ... pull up a chair to the table!


Family with Tablet

Walker Family, Community Members

ATTCD is an awesome and MUCH NEEDED organization. They helped us learn what we needed to build financially for our family and showed us ways to sustain our lifestyle. Our daughter has benefitted from their academic programs and continues to do well both in and out of the classroom. 


Jeff Strickland, Peersuaders Manager/MTCI Inc.

I've partnered with ATTCD for the last two years, and it has been a  tremendous experience. They have provided my school and at risk students with supplies and sizable gifts and donations . I look forward for many more years to come!

Tracy Bennett, Educator

This was an amazing experience. Anytime you need me to help, I'm in!

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